Music Fever because they are doing music and i have a fever

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Hello all.  It’s Marc here with our wonderful music composers Nell and Caroline. We were just informed that our due date has been moved to April 23rd.  That is a relief.  We are excited now because we can take our time in the editing process and reshoot anything we want.  And I want to reshoot A LOT. So do Nell and Caroline.  Nell says to keep doing what you guys are doing. I don’t know what that means but I will let allow her to continue her babbling.  Caroline says that they are working on more of the montage music and will soon be starting the music for the last scene, a scene that relies on music.  These guys are really awesome as we have been giving them new requests for music constantly and they just say okay.  Also they are working hard every day. Montana is so grateful that our due date has been moved and it is the highlight of her month.  Baby says that cloudberries are tasteful and yummy in his tummy.  We are thankful. I should edit now. Goodbye.



Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud


Welp, just as things start to smooth out, once again the cloudberry crew runs into obstacles. One of which being that we still need to transfer, upload, label and switch clips because as I sit here during my study block with plenty of time to edit, I realize I am missing clips.  For lack of anything productive to do, yeah, I am blogging.  I suppose i will try to find some footage to label.    In the midst of editing one of the movie’s bigger scenes, not having the right clips just completely frustrates me.  It puts the whole process on a standstill and gets me nervous abut the completion of our movie. I have nothing more to say.  Stay Cloudy, Walpole High.  Stay Cloudy.


Happy Birthday, Brian!

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So The date is March 11th, 2013. Otherwise known as Tracey’s birthday. Happy birthday Brian. Now with Jackie to my right and an unidentified student to my left, I shall commence the writing of this blog. First off, yeah, it’s been a while. WE KNOW. Where we last left off, I believe we had a few scenes shot. Boy, has that changed. With more than half of our movie shot, the crew and I are trying to get a jumpstart on editing. Unfortunately, our footage is extremely unorganized. We have stuff on the wrong computers, in the wrong folders, and stuff that is not labeled or even uploaded. It’s really, really frustrating and we have not filmed a lot since February break. This week will most likely be spent on reorganizing, editing the biggest scene, and a little filming here and there. Andrea says hi. I think I’m pretty much done here. Also, we are a little nervous about due dates, but whatever. We can take it. Stay Cloudy, Walpole High. Stay Cloudy.


P.S. If anyone needs a haircut, find Jackie and I. We will be in the school bathroom, possibly dressed as a cat and a monkey. The charge is only $80.

Cloudy Day for the Cloudberry Crew



Well.  It’s been a while since we’ve blogged.  And we apologize.  At least, Baby and I do.  We snuck on to blog by ourselves without telling anyone.  Today we made the rather foolish mistake of trying to film in Cashman’s room without notifying him.  Our bad.  Oh by the way we cast Jack Stedman as our lead and Pontis Connell as Drew…yeah we might change her character’s name.  Anyways, right now, we are importing, labeling, compressing, AND blogging.  boom.  multi-tasking.  to the max.  So yeah it’s going swell and all. We have shot everything outside of the classes.  We think.  While we started out speeding through our shots, we’ve realized…that they weren’t that good.  So we reshot…pretty much everything.  And our editors Chris Gallivan and Lawrence McCarthy have begun the editing process. Also, Caroline Falvey and Nell Gordon have started to make music, and we love what we’ve heard.  And now we are done blogging. So goodbye. Stay Cloudy, Walpole High. Stay Cloudy.

Cloudberry Vs. Rambutan

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By now, you’ve probably realized what the verdict is.  Yes, it’s official. The coin flip was of very epic proportions.  So today we are going to have our scheduling meeting with Bakale after PLC.  In the meantime, Bryan, Brian, Montana and I are doing a combination of story boarding and blogging.  And as productive as that may seem, I beg to differ.  While Montana and I are TRYING to blog, “Baby” Tracey insists, and I quote, “I am the face of this crew,” to which Bryan responded that he was unaware that we are an ugly crew.  So as the shots are fired between the two, Montana and I have decided to punish Baby for his selfishness.  Yes, that’s right.  I don’t want to, but I have to. We are putting Baby in the corner.  At least until we forgive him. But let’s be honest, who can stay mad at this kid? Back to important things, last Thursday, we held auditions.  They went magnificently, and we cast most of our roles.  We have cast Jessie Jones, Maria Earabino, and Brandon Chin.  However, we have yet to find our leading male actor.  But the decision will be made today! We just need to check in with our faculty producer Mr. Bakale!!!!!  SOOOOO PUMPED!!!!!!!! (Baby is giddy).  Well I guess we have to story board now…soo…stay cloudy, Walpole High. Stay Cloudy.